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Nostalgia. You close your eyes and for a moment you relive the tasteful past of your youth, the sweet taste of your lovers lips, a happy moment you shared with someone you cared for. Nothing does this better than music.  As every note plays and starts bouncing ideas inside my head. Creating patterns, striking chords, mixing colors, and beats. Every note striking something that is unseen. Music is powerful.

When a song comes along and brings those good feels back all you want to do is spread it like fire, and share it with the world. It’s been a while since I heard a song, an instrumental, nicely made that made me feel this way.  When music and visuals (video) mesh well together you have a powerful piece that could move a crowd in a distinctive way. This music video by a very gifted man named Ariel Rel Nunez is exactly what I want to share with you.

As you watch the video you see the story of the bay begin to unfold through the layering of images, colors, tones and textures and it all works well in harmony with the beat. Watching the people go about their day. You start to understand and respect what drives the creative people who live here. 

I have been lucky enough to meet some very talented young men who create nothing but amazing work. From producers, to directors, and artist you can truly see their skills in the work they help produce. Ariel Rel Nunez is one of those talented young men who has amazing skills, he’s been creating work for sometime now and you can definitely see some signature styles that he incorporates in the creation of his videos. Ariel Rel Nunez has a way of projecting art, music, and creativity to the world that desperately needs it and as you press play to the music video he produced you will have a greater understanding of what I mean.

I’m not saying this because I ‘know’ them, nope, I’ve only had the opportunity to talk with them for brief moments and live in their musical world by helping them when they have large events and need a door girl, it’s always a pleasure of course. A group of men that have nothing but passion for the arts, even when you go to one of their weekly events you see what that looks like.

Naturally when you see a tight crew of people you automatically think “Oh they’re just hyping each others stuff up,” and so I didn’t pay attention to the things they were putting out and this is what I have been missing out.

Discovering things at your own pace and with an open mind can take you many places and I’m glad I got the opportunity to listen and see some fantastic work.

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