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Thunder is the sound of my thoughts
I hear them crash against the reef.
My emotions crawl on the sand
Like the crabs at night.
And my fears seem to disappear
Like the horizon against the salty foam.

I see my dreams in the distance
And everyday they get closer
Like the set of waves that crash against the shore.

Silent whispers get swept away by the breeze
But from a distance
I hear them land on their feet.

My heart tries to find it’s rhythm by feeling the pulse of the sea.
When did this dream become a reality?
When did my struggles become stepping stones?

And how did the strength of my back allow others to grow?

The thought could’ve been left as a dream, stored away, forgotten forever.

Even as I sit in its reality
Every story is still untold
But every page slowly unfolds
Slowly the words solidify themselves
And scream to be heard.


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For the love of music. →

Sharing my musical experience with you, encounters with upcoming talent, people who are established in the business, and to people who want to put you out there. All for the love of music.

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