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Ryan Leslie, who is that? I’ll tell you who he is, damn it! This man is power, talent, and pure fucking magic! Ryan Leslie has some kind of untouchable skill when it comes to creating music, beats, and moving people in a way that is unforgettable. He is underrated and everyone in the game needs to collaborate with Ryan Leslie.

His style of music is fresh, clean and classic. His voice is smooth like silk and ‘seduction is the art he practices,’ his songs stay true to relationships, situations and some form of hidden infatuation. This man keeps you on your toes with every song he puts out ‘he has something that we all like, he def’n has that something.’ Such a smooth bounce back for a wo/man with class. Ryan Leslie is that dude, threat, he doesn’t need auto tune, not too mention his shit is deep and heartfelt.

Not only is his music insane, and as if he weren’t a musical genius already he’s quite literally a genius through and through with a degree from harvard at age 19….. POW!

Want to know more about Ryan Leslie? I bet you freakin do!

This mans passion for music has lead him to be one of the freshest music producer on the market, singer-songwriter, musical arranger, rapper….not intriguing enough? He does that all the while managing his own record label and maintaining an appealing (sexy) style.

The thing that makes me want to punch somebody in the face  is that while he may be successful in many ways his music is still unknown to a large group of people and shit who can be mad, right? with all the endless outlets of music out there its hard to come across the good shit but here I am introducing him to you, introducing the good shit. If you’re exploring different genres, artist and music style, I’m telling you right now this guy is like a drug and you will become addicted (which is one of his songs, well actually it’s called Addiction ft. Cassie & Fabulous)  Once you get a taste of Ryan Leslie you will keep coming back for more.

I was fortunate enough to attend one of his shows, which felt intimate and personal because the venue was a good size. I stood front row (That picture shows you how close I got). His show was electric! Ryan Leslie set it off! The man is a musical genius!!! There wasn’t an ounce of disappointment in that damn venue. Not one ounce! I was in good company, into every song…yeah, I sang along to every song, and of course I was fully intoxicated. I will never forget the way I felt, the way he moved the crowd, the way the crowd responded, every girl was ready to pounce on this man and all the dudes were taking tips on how to get to the chicks via Ryan Leslie swag.  The energy flowing throughout the room was electric.  I was given a dose of Ryan Leslie and now I’m addicted. Not only was I lucky enough to watch this very talented man but I also got to be part of one his world premiers called “Breath” which took place in the great city of San Francisco. If that isn’t the full Ryan Leslie experience I don’t know what is. So there it is peeps, if you don’t know now you know.


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